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1.1.0 final under development ...

Written for Sikuli by RaiMan on 2014-09-17

… interested in nightly builds:

Linux: Build

Written for Sikuli by RaiMan on 2013-10-31

There is a new revised download package Sikuli-1.0.1-Supplemental-LinuxVisionProxy, that is tested on Ubuntu 12+ and should work on more Linux systems out of the box than before. MANDATORY: Looking at the README.txt or faq 2447.

1.0.1 ready - one Setup for all Systems

Written for Sikuli by RaiMan on 2013-08-12

Read for IDE:

Read for Script:

The setup steps on all systems:
1. download sikuli-setup.jar to a user writeable folder
(do not use Program / Application folders)

2. double click sikuli-setup.jar
(or get it running from command line using
java -jar sikuli-setup.jar)

3. make your choices and run setup
(read carefully all infos available)

4. hope that all works without errors
(if you get problems, you might send me
your SetUp log file or post it here)

Use the stuff, if all worked well!

... and again: to really have fun:
read the latest release info at the above links.

NASTY problem - lost images in Untitled solved

Written for Sikuli by RaiMan on 2013-05-22

Images captured in the IDE in an "Untitled" tab are not permanently saved in any case, when using SaveAs (either from the file menu or with autosave at run or quit). After restarting the IDE, you will notice, that the images are no longer available.
All images captured after having saved the script the first time are preserved.
Workaround: before starting to capture images in an "Untitled" tab, save the script first.

The problem is solved in sikuli-ide.jar from the Supplemental stuff.

Updated on 2013-05-23.

Final version Sikuli 1.0.0 released! ...

Written for Sikuli by RaiMan on 2013-05-21

... after more than 1 year of no movement Sikuli is back on the road.

Enjoy and come back with your ideas on new features.

Changes/Fixes in current IDE

-- better support to avoid start-up problems

-- revised the main window
 - as option: no command bar, vertically split (left code, right messages)
 - eliminated menus/features: export, extensions (might come back later), unit test

-- revised the Preview window (only one at a time, apply button added to do more than one change, ...)
 - added additional window for more options temporarilly (prefs have to be revised generally)
 - new options: no HTML creation, do not delete unused images, image path for IDE to store images
 - added: warning to restart IDE after having changed prefs

-- revised the dirty-handling (script is edited with changes):
 - aware of changes in Preview
 - scripts with changes are marked in its tab: *myScript
 - new option: autosave before run
 - warning at run (with no autosave) and quit, if unsaved scripts

-- better display of errors in message area

-- is available on Jython level (see below)

-- revised AutoUpdate feature and Help->CheckNewVersion (added feature: aware of Beta versions)

-- Sikuli script filename issues (e.g. utf-8) are fixed (image file names still need to be ASCII)

Changes/Fixes to the Scripting API

- constantly adding javadocs to all public (and important protected) methods

- totally revised the ImagePath feature and the usage of ImageLocator (including the usage with Jython import)

- revised the command line usage to allow running Sikuli scripts
- sys.argv is now populated correctly in all cases (IDE, commandline scriptrun + interactive)

- each physical monitor has only one Screen object, only one Robot for all and better support for multi monitor
- feature to show and reset monitor configuration

- Region: added methods to make it functionally compatible with AWT Rectangle and added more methods to create new Regions easily based on existing Regions and Locations
- click() and similar, click the lastMatch()
- convenience version of highlight() using last match
- a new option, to always highlight() a match

- totally revised the interface:
 - added user logs with optional timestamp,
 - logging to file seperate for Sikuli and user possible
 - optional timestamp for Sikuli's standard messages

The fix-committed bugs below will be set to fix-released when starting the development of the new version 1.1 mid June 2013.

Updated on 2013-05-21. Read more

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