Sikuli 0.10.1

Fixed several critical bugs and memory leaks in 0.10.
Supported 7 more languages - Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Korean, Spanish, Ukrainian.
Sikuli scripts can be run from the command line interface of Sikuli IDE.

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Tsung-Hsiang Chang
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download icon (md5, sig) A 0.10.1 fix for Korean systems. (For ALL platforms. See README for details.) 248
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Mac OS X 10.6 1,729
last downloaded 12 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Mac OS X 10.5 481
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon Sikuli-IDE-win32-0.10.1.exe (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Windows (installer) 12,885
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Windows (portable) 1,713
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Linux (64bit) 598
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Sikuli-IDE for Linux (32bit) 1,002
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 18,656

Release notes 

Release notes for Sikuli 0.10.1 2010/05/23

This release fixes several critical bugs and memory leaks introduced in Sikuli 0.10. We recommend all users to upgrade to this version.

= General Notes =
 * Support more languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.
 * Auto-update checking can be disabled in the Preferences window.
 * Add an Edit menu, including Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Indent, Un-Indent.
 * Fixed several critical memory leaks that cause crashes on Windows.
 * Reduce default memory consumption.
 * Default hot-keys are changed on Windows.
   * Switching tabs: CTRL-TAB, CTRL-SHIFT-TAB
   * Screen capturing: CTRL-SHIFT-2
 * Add command line options to Sikuli IDE.

usage: Sikuli-IDE [--args <arguments>] [-h] [-r <sikuli-file>]
     --args <arguments> specify the arguments passed to Jython's sys.argv
 -h,--help print this help message
 -r,--run <sikuli-file> run .sikuli or .skl file

= Bug Fixes =
 * Bug #581712 Unit testing in Sikuli 0.10 doesn't work. (Unit testing panel is now working.)
 * Bug #577610 capture(region) gives (partly) black images
 * Bug #577220 exit() Function gives Runtime Error from Command Line
 * Bug #575585 Memory leak in Sikuli 0.10 crashes long scripts
 * Bug #562393 Win XP: CTRL+ARROW shortcut is double mapped
 * Bug #574951 I got JNI Exception: failed to create the Java VM
 * Bug #583096 Data loss when running Sikuli in Windows
 * Bug #570248 Screenshots in the script are not longer found after saving with "save as..."
 * Bug #580000 Sikuli-IDE crashing when clicking on PS which is no loger visible for find()
 * fixed parsing error if using non-digits in Pattern.similar or Pattern.targetOffset.
 * Sikuli 0.10 functions and classes can be imported and used in Jython modules other than only in main scripts. See libo's post for the details.


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