Sikuli x1.0-rc3 "Maltipoo"

This release fixes many major bugs in RC2 and improves the usability of Sikuli IDE and the consistency of Sikuli's Java and Jython API. A new feature in Sikuli Script allows users to register global hot keys that trigger user-defined functions.

All Sikuli and Sikuli X users are recommended to upgrade to this version.

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Tsung-Hsiang Chang
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1 Edu, 1 Tsung-Hsiang Chang
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download icon Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905)-win32.exe (md5, sig) Sikuli X (Windows installer) 270,992
last downloaded today
download icon Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905) (md5, sig) Sikuli X (Windows portable zip) 34,336
last downloaded today
download icon Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905)-osx-10.6.dmg (md5, sig) Sikuli X (Mac OS X 10.6/10.7) 20,187
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905) (md5, sig) Sikuli X (Linux 32bit) 7,371
last downloaded 3 days ago
download icon Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905) (md5, sig) Sikuli X (Linux 64bit) 12,437
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 345,323

Release notes 


Sikuli IDE
- Auto indentation
- New settings in preferences: expand tab, tab width, font style, font size
- The locale of the IDE can be changed
- ESC cancels screen capture mode
- Sikuli code (including images) can be copied across tabs
- Sikuli code can be copied as plain text to other programs/text editors
- Window size and opened files are remembered and restored automatically

Sikuli Script
- App class supports Linux now (wmctrl and xdotool required.)
- Java APIs are more consistent with Jython's
- New hotkey API allows the user to register hotkeys that trigger a Sikuli function
- A parameter of Sikuli's vision engine MinTargetSize can be changed to adjust the robustness/speed of the engine
- Pure color templates can be matched now
- popup() accepts an optional parameter for setting the title of the dialog
- Some error messages are improved
- The bundled Jython upgrades to 2.5.2


- Many bugs in the matching preview window are fixed - not hanging anymore, preview is consistent with the result of findAll.

See for the complete list of fixed bugs.


- Our code repository will be moving to github soon. Welcome to watch or fork Sikuli on github if you are interested in our development. We are open to any kind of contributions.

- Except for the source code repository, we will continue to use launchpad for bug tracking, Q&A, release management, and UI translations.

- We have set up a continuous integration server at, which builds Sikuli continuously. If you don't want to wait for our stable release, try our latest builds at


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1 blueprint and 19 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
add a generally usable key listener add a generally usable key listener 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
832216 #832216 Mac - crash in non-english enviroment 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
717602 #717602 X-1.0rc2 IDE: Preview: hangs using larger images and spikes processor usage 3 High   10 Fix Released
697141 #697141 X 1.0rc2: find(), exists(), onAppear(), onVanish() with black or white images not working 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
516258 #516258 [request] ESC should cancel screenshot 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
635806 #635806 [request] Global hotkey for run 6 Wishlist Tsung-Hsiang Chang  10 Fix Released
656162 #656162 [request] IDE: match count in pattern settings dialog 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
712862 #712862 [request] IDE: Add auto-indentation for Python statements 6 Wishlist Edu  10 Fix Released
747006 #747006 [request] Ubuntu: app.window() returns None - not supported on Linux yet 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
779099 #779099 [request] findAll() should force getLastMatches() to return None if nothing was found 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
798656 #798656 [request] IDE: Restore previous windows on load 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
822203 #822203 [request] option to set Sikuli Popup Title 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
583090 #583090 X-1.0rc2: find().click(): 2nd arg of click() not optional 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
727827 #727827 X-1.0rc2: IDE: Preview: does not match all images - findAll() does it 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
729587 #729587 X-1.0rc2 - all Systems - Env.isLockOn() not available 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
768971 #768971 X-1.0rc2 Pattern.similar resets targetOffset to (0,0) --- workaround 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
769711 #769711 X-1.0rc2: Insert image: Typing in a directory manually inserts everything from that directory. 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
772014 #772014 X-1.0rc2: Mac: apps containing blank in name cannot be closed --- workaround 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
777029 #777029 X-1.0rc2: copy log from Message window looses formatting --- needs some support 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
788005 #788005 X-1.0rc2: sys.argv doesn't contains script name as a first argument 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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