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Silicon is set of OpenSource tools to manage and organize your optical discs like CDs ,DVDs and Blu-rays.
Silicon target is made optical discs managing easy.

Features :
*Burn,Copy,Erase and ... Optical Discs
*Works on CDs,DVDs and BluRays
*Show all informations of your Optical Discs and Devices before start process
*User Friendly User Interface
*Use CDR-Tools
*HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer) Plugin to detect devices
*Support Applications
*Support Plugins (Partial at this time)
*Support Themes
*Process on Number of jobs in the same time
*Queuing Overlapping Processes
*Mount/Unmount CD/DVD Images (.iso, .nrg, .bin, .mdf and .img files)
*CD/DVD Images Manager (Silicon Library)
*Easy to use , light and Powerfull
*Searching between applications
*use Qt4
*Simple and Small Photo Viewer
*Can Change Qt Graphics System to Raster ,Native or OpenGl
*Internal File Association System
*Single Application System
*Drag and Drop Support on the most applications
*Make powerfull Connection between applications
*And Also Make powerfull Connection between Silicon and Silicon applications
*Minitunes MusicPlayer (will change completely in the future)
*Silicon Menu Panel system Manage Applications Menu
*Show all of that Happend in the background
*Auto Compatible with your desktop
*Copy all or a part of the Optical Discs , you choose that
*GPL License V3

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