SimulIDE 0.4.15-stable

All important bug solved so it can be released as "Stable".

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New Features:
    - Warning Message after crash: save backup file.
    - Editor: GcBasic sintax updated to match GCB IDE.
    - OpAmp: Switch Power Pins property & Power Pin labels.

    - Meters: Switch Pins property.
    - Portuguese translation added.
    - Mono font embeded (keeps consistency across systems).

    - Seven Segment: add Pin labels.

Bug Fixes:
    - Package errors: 74377, 74373, 74688
    - DC Motor not cleared at simulation stop.
    - Memory table: Crash clicking on column 16.
    - Variable Resistors: error setting value from properties.
    - Translations: missing properties.
    - Error in simulation speed after changing step ns, save and open again.
    - BJT pnp not working.
    - PIC: Crash using Usart.
    - PIC: Crash in devices with no EEPROM.
    - Frequencymeter not detecting freqs below 2 Hz.
    - Clock: "Always On" property not initialized.
    - Mosfet: error in some cases.
    - MCUs: dedicated Reset Pin not working.
    - Oscope: spinBoxes rejects values > 1e3.
    - AVR gdb not initialized.
    - Shields not saved to Circuit file.
    - AVR Timer: Error writting OCRA, wrong next compare match.
    - Arduino Mega: some PWM channels not working.
    - SR04 Error at distance = 0.
    - I2C RAM: data container not resized.
    - Memory Table: wrong Address column size for memories > 256.
    - McuMonitor: Errors in Flash word size.
    - Crash resizing Memory after opening MemTable.
    - RAM/ROM not resizing MemTable.
    - Tunnels & Packages should not be Main Component is Subcircuits.

    - All Message Boxes to non-blocking.
    - AVR I2C: Master not sending ACK when reading
    - MCU: Load EEPROM data not working.
    - Mcu Monitor: Crash selecting Register name with no cell selected.
    - McuMonitor: Sort Register list.
    - Errors in Arduino packages.
    - ILI9341 not working in 18 bit RGB mode.

    - Buses not working if Pins share eNode
    - Subcircuit: Name label editable.
    - Editor/Compiler: no Error msg if upload not successful.
    - OpAmp: Wrong Power Pin names (not working in subcircuits).
    - Errors in some AVR Packages.
    - MCUs: Dialog non blocking for proccessor not created.
    - 74HC139 Errors (by Sergey Roenko).

    - Errors in Diode.
    - Arduino Compiler: Error path with spaces.
    - Avrs: Can't find file with non-latin characters in firmware path.
    - Arduino Compiler: some erros not detected in Windows version.
    - 74HC164 not working.
    - L298P not working.
    - Variable resistors: don't allow negative values.

    - Arduino custom board: don't include default context (arduino:avr:).
    - HD44780 LCD: Error in cursor position, Blink color and speed.
    - Arduino Compiler: add quotes to paths in Linux version as well.
    - MCUs: Error connecting to Pins while simulation is running.
    - Arduino Mega: errors in package file (missing OCxX).
    - Serial Monitor not always on top in some systems.
    - Subcircuit category translation not working.
    - Avr Timer not working: top=ICRx if ICRx is written after Timer configured.
    - WS2812 Led: chaining leds not working.

    - Bjt errors.
    - Diode "phantom Voltage" with switches.

    - Arduino debugger not working.
    - Clock not updating after "Always On" changed.

    - Pic16F887: ExtINT wrong Pin (must be PB0).
    - Pic16F88x: Timer1 Interrupt not working.
    - Oscope & LA: Fix widget sizes & Hardcode Fonts.
    - RamTable: adjust font sizes.
    - Pic16F887: PORTA4-5 Errors.
    - Oscope: Subsample Time counter not cleared.

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