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Skylable is a S3 compatible, high-available and high-performance distributed object storage.
It supports data replication, deduplication and automatic failover.
The storage backend is written in C, it is very efficient and runs equally well on cheap commodity servers as on enterprise-grade hardware.

Existing object-storage solution are complex to setup and to maintain. Skylable follows the principle of "do one thing well" and offers a straightforward installation and setup process, with very few dependencies.

It was built bottom-up with the goal of being fast, secure, cost-effective and reliable.

It is easy to install and an entire SX cluster can be deployed in literally minutes by a junior sysadmin.

It supports nodes with different sizes, volumes with different number of replicas and it scales horizontally: you can hot-add new nodes while the cluster is being used.

The rebalance process makes sure that data is distributed in proportion to the size of the nodes and maximize space availability.

Skylable also supports deduplication, revisions, incremental transfers, and the S3 protocol.

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Latest version is 2.3
released on 2017-01-24

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