Skylable SX 1.0 released

Written for Skylable by Luca Gibelli on 2015-01-02

Skylable SX 1.0 has been released.

The changes from SX 0.9 include:

  * New user manual covering all important cluster and
    client operations (see doc/manual/manual.pdf or
  * Support for replacing and rebuilding of broken nodes (see
    the manual for instructions on cluster healing)
  * New tool 'sxmv' for moving and renaming files (see 'man sxmv')
  * 'sxcp --ignore-errors' (ignore errors during recursive operations
    and report them at the end)
  * 'sxcp --exclude/--include' (skip or process files matching specific
  * 'sxvol modify' (change configuration of existing volumes)
  * 'sxadm --resize' (proportionally grow or shrink the entire cluster)
  * 'sxadm node --check' improvements (better detect local problems,
    eg. with faulty hard drives)
  * 'sxadm node --extract' (recover local storage in emergency situations)
  * Many improvements and bugfixes

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