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Devices used in future Smart House enviroment mast have Smart Task System (TS). It can manage Media centers, DVD-players, Video-security devices, ets. It's has more brains then Desktop Operation System (OS) for greate Interface Usability. Focused on Usability TS must know and offer simple usage all modern features, wich FOSS have (input/output, automatisation, communication) and have clear API for new modules development. Based on Ubuntu it can be one of it's package or separate destribution like Ubuntu Studio.

Smart Task System better then Desktop Operation System in user interactions:
 - analising last actions, compare with preferenses and guess next actions for user
 - analising current enviroment (sound, internet, income/outcome call, daytime, active tasks ...)
 - inform user of all interesting for him right now (more contacts, music, docs, links, info)
 - give all passabilities for input (touch, remote control, look at screen aria, voice command)
 - have all passabilities for output (show, alarm with sound)
 - inform user right way (voice alarm instead of onscreen notify if user out of computer)

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