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Sergio Schvezov
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5 Daniel Holbach, 3 Kyle Fazzari, 5 Leo Arias, 2 Sergio Schvezov
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Release notes 

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce this release new version (2.2) of snapcraft:

When compared to 2.1, 2.2 is a rather boring release. It would be 2.1.2 if it weren't for a small feature that landed which allows to set the output snap to make it easier to implement cleanbuild (builds inside lxd containers).

Aside from that feature, everything other commit has dedicated itself to bugfixing, polish and testing, for details we invite you to check the milestone on launchpad.

To consume the latest snapcraft release on Xenial Xerus (16.04), we suggest you install the snapcraft package from the Ubuntu Archives:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install snapcraft

If you don't want to consume the examples from the source branch you can also install the examples package:

    sudo apt install snapcraft-examples

After installing this you can find them in /usr/share/doc/snapcraft-examples/examples.

To get the source for this release check it out at

A great place to collaborate and discuss features, bugs and ideas on snapcraft is snappy-app-devel mailing list or directly in the #snappy channel on

To file bugs, please go to

Happy snapcrafting,
 - Sergio and the team


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  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Add the unit tests to the autopkgtest suite. (LP: #1541421)
  * Use docopt to handle example tests arguments. (LP: #1533395)
  * integration-tests: add login and logout tests (LP: #1541391)
  * integration_tests: add a successful upload test (LP: #1541391)
  * travis: remove the coveralls token (LP: #1543675)
  * examples_tests: decode the output with utf-8 (LP: #1543714)

  [ Daniel Holbach ]
  * Clear APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success so we don't run scripts like
    update-motd-updates-available. (LP: #1541894)
  * Import
    into docs/ (LP: #1541404)
  * Use image link which actually works ( shows
    SVG as raw XML, works as expected). (LP: #1542422)
  * Document Snapcraft's wrapper script (steal text from App Dev Manual 15.04)
    (LP: #1543581)
  * Briefly explain the filesystem layout. (LP: #1543596)
  * move image into docs/images (LP: #1542422)

  [ Kyle Fazzari ]
  * Improve snapcraft.yaml validation errors. (LP: #1524663)
  * Snap: When snapping a directory, look for snap.yaml. (LP: #1541987)
  * Upload: Obtain name from YAML instead of snap package. (LP: #1541353)

  [ Sergio Schvezov ]
  * Support setting an output file when snapping (LP: #1542479)
  * adt fixes for maven and noninteractive deb install (LP: #1542511)

0 blueprints and 15 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1541353 #1541353 'snapcraft upload' says 'Invalid package filename.' 3 High Kyle Fazzari  10 Fix Released
1541987 #1541987 snapcraft snap <directory> fails due to looking for package.yaml 3 High Kyle Fazzari  10 Fix Released
1542511 #1542511 Fix adt tests 3 High Sergio Schvezov  10 Fix Released
1543714 #1543714 examples tests fail with UnicodeDecodeError 3 High Leo Arias  10 Fix Released
1541391 #1541391 Missing integration tests for login/logout/upload 4 Medium Leo Arias  10 Fix Released
1541421 #1541421 Run unittests as part of the integration tests 4 Medium Leo Arias  10 Fix Released
1541894 #1541894 apt runs update-motd-updates-available 4 Medium Daniel Holbach  10 Fix Released
1524663 #1524663 Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: None is not of type 'string' 5 Low Kyle Fazzari  10 Fix Released
1542422 #1542422 Move image into docs/images 5 Low Daniel Holbach  10 Fix Released
1543581 #1543581 Document wrapper script 5 Low Daniel Holbach  10 Fix Released
1543596 #1543596 Briefly explain the filesystem layout 5 Low Daniel Holbach  10 Fix Released
1543675 #1543675 The coveralls token is not needed for the travis executions 5 Low Leo Arias  10 Fix Released
1533395 #1533395 Use docopt to handle example tests arguments 6 Wishlist Leo Arias  10 Fix Released
1541404 #1541404 Integrate into docs/ 6 Wishlist Daniel Holbach  10 Fix Released
1542479 #1542479 Support an output option for the snap command 6 Wishlist Sergio Schvezov  10 Fix Released
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