SocNetV 2.x series

Based on Qt5, improved GUI and functionality

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Dimitris Kalamaras
Release manager:
Dimitris Kalamaras
Active Development
Project development focus:
is the focus of development.
Release URL pattern:*/SocNetV-2.*.tar.gz

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Milestones and releases

16 of 6 results
Version Expected Released Summary
SocNetV 2.5 "maniac" None 2019-03-07 See full summary:
SocNetV 2.4 None 2018-02-27
SocNetV 2.3 "fixer" None 2017-07-05
SocNetV 2.2 "beyond" 2016-11-01 2017-01-21 should expand on more chapters of Wasserman & Faust excellent textbook: - Su...
SocNetV 2.1 "fixer" 2016-10-01 2016-09-28 bugfix release for 2.0 Should bring more stability and speed.
SocNetV 2.0 "deep trouble" 2016-09-01 2016-09-13 Should improve efficiency and performance.
16 of 6 results
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Latest version is 2.5
released on 2019-03-07

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