1.4.4 Mac users can export as PDF (& PNG depending on version of OS X)

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2015-05-11

Mac users can export output in PDF format (and PNG depending on version of OS X).
Added new monochrome theme.
Chi Square proportions output much easier to interpret successfully.
The name of the grouping variable is now displayed when running comparisons of groups e.g. Country if comparing Italy and Germany.
Exporting to spreadsheet detects if too many fields for xls output and informs user that only csv will be generated. Also truncates table name so worksheet name not too long.
Import dialog only displays file types suitable for importing.
Added message to let user know spreadsheet creation being skipped if no report tables to export.
More user help on need for raw data (not pre-summarised) and long-format vs wide-format data as appropriate.
Code reorganisation to make it possible for SOFA to be called in GUI form by external code GUI code.
Scripts are now easier to use for standalone purposes.
Added note about treatment of datetime data as categorical by SOFA for purposes of statistical tests.
When exporting to spreadsheet and csv changes reserved sofa_id field name to was_sofa_id so it is OK to reimport after changes.
More informative for larger range of potential problem e.g. database engine not functioning.

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