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1.5.4 Better SQL Server support; bug fixes

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2021-01-14

Better SQL Server support; more bugs fixes and improvements

Support more versions of MS SQL Server by switching to pyodbc library
Standardise multiline checkboxes
Cope with different versions of openpyxl without forcing Linux users to pin the version (which may not be in their distro)
Fix width of main form help text in Windows
Fix chart display bug in Windows by forcing IE11 emulation (vs IE7)
Fix spreadsheet export bug - use column letter rather than name
Fix bug when exporting CSV with label columns
Fix sorting in Data List reports
Fix bug where renaming a project left the original intact
Fix bug preventing decimal point settings being honoured in Summary report tables and Data List reports

1.5.3 More bug fixes after major changes introduced in 1.5 series

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2019-10-20

More bugs fixes and validations

Users can no longer select a default database without also completing its connection details
Add redirection details message
Better handling of Desktop path, esp on Windows
Better handle database settings esp mandatory
Cope with different error messages from ImageMagick (different versions)
Entering data via a text-browse control (e.g. in SQLite project config) no longer crashes SOFA
Can open variable details successfully again
Fix stats select close layout on Linux
Remove deprecated / removed pylab.normpdf dependency
Cope with removals of deselect all method (have to loop and do one at a time)

1.5.2 Mainly misc bug fixes

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2019-07-07

Improve and extend recode help instructions
Give Linux users advice on how to cope with possible inadequate ImageMagick resource levels set by policy.xml which stop image exporting

1.5.0 Option of worked examples for appropriate statistical tests

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2019-05-15

Adds option of worked examples for the following statistical tests:
* Mann-Whitney U
* Wilcoxon's Signed Ranks
* Spearman's Rho
* Pearson's Chi Square
Can choose number of decimal places to show in report tables and charts.
Can display counts or percentage separately on pie charts.
Better smoothed line displayed for line charts.
Easier to run generated scripts for testing (only need to set use_locally boolean).
Better visual separation of subtables.
Charts can show N.
Improvements to darker themes.
Add ability to define table to automatically open on startup (using open_on_start setting in projs/default.proj).
Ask users if they want to override existing project if adding new project with an already-used name.
Upgraded to newer GUI library (wxPython 4.0).
Added new safeguards and user feedback when problems converting output to images.
Dropped support for xls (xlsx is supported alongside tsv, csv, ods etc)
Dropped support for CUBRID (largely because drivers for newer versions of Python are not available)

1.4.6 Adds time series line and area charts

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2016-01-01

Adds time series line and area charts.
Better error message when not enough values in group to run analysis e.g. ANOVA.
Better handling of precision in p-value results displayed.
Better handling of dates pre-1900.
Better messages to user about potentially excessive categories in charts.
Add support for float years as date values for time series.
Add support for specifying port connecting to postgresql.
Allows boxplots when fewer values to display.
Removed broken google docs integration - just as easy to manually download and import normally.
Removed two pop-ups - no longer needed.

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