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Stability and tidying up mainly. Maybe add some more export options.

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SOFA Statistics
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Grant Paton-Simpson
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Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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SOFA Statistics 1.4.6 None 2016-01-01 Adds time series line and area charts. Better error message when not enough v...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.5 2015-08-16 2015-08-15 Box plots can be displayed with different outlier and whisker display options...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.4 2015-05-11 2015-05-11 Mac users can export output in PDF format (and PNG depending on version of OS...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.3 2014-03-16 2014-03-16 Can import tab-delimited data. More options for attractive charts and reports...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.2 2014-02-09 2014-02-09 Can export results as high-resolution images (PNG), PDFs, and tabular output ...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.1 2014-02-01 2014-01-31 Scatterplots now have option of displaying regression line with slope and int...
SOFA Statistics 1.4.0 2013-12-15 2013-12-15 Cleaner interface for viewing, saving, and exporting output. Data export to s...
17 of 7 results

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