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liberty series Focus of Development
Latest milestones: 2015.1.2, 2015.1.1     Latest releases: 4.0.0, 2015.1.0
Bugs targeted: 2 Invalid, 8 Won't Fix, 16 Triaged, 1 In Progress, 5 Fix Committed, 35 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 1 Good progress, 2 Implemented

OpenStack Liberty Release

mitaka series Active Development
Latest milestones: next-mitaka
Bugs targeted: 10 New, 2 Invalid, 3 Triaged, 4 In Progress, 1 Fix Committed, 24 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown

Series targeting the Mitaka milestone. We are targeting following features for this series:

- API/CLI support for user to view app deployment history
- Non-destructive app updates (app keeps same IP across successive app deployments)
- Scale up/down web tier instances (manual for now, will tie in to Heat-autoscaling with customer choice of reference architectures)
- Convert bash scripts to python for more reliability and easier debugging (tech debt reduction)
- Support for micro-service based multi-tier application architectures
- Ability to configure Container/VM size and/or ratio (the ratio part is up for debate, but on a 1:1 we need a way for the user to configure what flavor class they need/want).
- Support for different infrastructure choice beyond Nova, Ironic bare metal

juno series Obsolete
Latest releases: juno-2, juno-1
Blueprints targeted: 3 Unknown, 7 Implemented

Releases concurrent with OpenStack Juno

icehouse series Obsolete
Latest releases: 2014.1.2, 2014.1.1
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 1 Not started, 28 Implemented

Releases concurrent with OpenStack Icehouse (2014.1.0)

14 of 4 results