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A wrapper script on top of the offical Linux Sopcast client sp-sc-auth and the media player VLC to handle a sop:// URL.

Since sp-sc-auth is not convenient to use, I have written this script to automatically handle a sop:// URL from browser so that multiple streams can be openned and closed in mass and effortlessly.

Technically, this script take an input sopcast URL and start sp-sc-auth and VLC then monitoring both processes. If one die, it kills the
other. This way you could just close VLC and the appropiate sp-sc-auth will be killed; vice versa if the stream dies, the coressponding VLC will be killed.


Can't be any easier! Clicking on a sop:// URL from your browser will start the stream (after 20 second). Go to or for channel URLs. When done viewing, just close VLC.


0. Download sp-sc-auth and VLC if you haven't already.
1. Put the script 'sopcast' in /usr/bin/.
2. Configure your browser to handle the sop:// protocol,
   * for Firefox, go to the URL 'about:config', right click and chose New -> String, put '', then value "sopcast",
   * for Opera, go to Preferences/Advanced/Programs -> Add, then put 'sop' in Protocol and 'sopcast' under Open with Other Application.


Detailed guide for Ubuntu:

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Latest version is 0.6
released on 2008-06-26

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