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Space is a program you can use to "compile" or convert a document written in a natural-language-esque markup language into decks in a spaced-repetition system. Currently, the only spaced-repetition system supported is Anki.

For example, Space will turn a text file like this:
The [quick] brown fox jumped over the [lazy] dog.
Three commonly-used nonsense variable names:
1. foo
2. bar
3. baz
OCaml :: A fast, functional, strongly-typed programming language.
...into several (specifically, eight) Anki cards. Space recognizes cloze-deleted sentences, lists, and definitions, and generates possibly many cards per element in the input file. You can use space to quickly add large amounts of cards to a spaced-repetition system, after specifying what those cards should be in your text editor of choice.

Space uses a frontend written in OCaml, and a backend written in Python. In the future, this might change.

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GNU Affero GPL v3

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