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Spenglr is a web based wiki-like knowledge and quiz system with references and learning tools.

Spenglr is aimed primarily at students and faculty who wish to make use of such a system to help plan their study, identify where their problem areas are and receive indications (SQ values, akin to real-world IQ) of their progress in specific categories and as a whole.

This doesn't preclude spenglr from being useful to others and we actively promote its use by anyone who wishes to gain and share knowledge.

The spenglr system comprises code-wise of spenglr.core, and (often you will see these referred to as just .core, .com and .org (with or without the dot prefix)). .core provides the bulk of the code, while the .org and .com are more lightweight and make use of it; everything is 'coordinated' through .core.

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django-trunk series is the current focus of development.

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