Spider for MySQL 0.17-for-5.1.37

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Spider for MySQL
Kentoku SHIBA
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download icon spider-src-0.17-for-5.1.37.tgz (md5) RC source 14
last downloaded 36 weeks ago
download icon spider-doc-0.17-for-5.1.37.tgz (md5) RC document 11
last downloaded 36 weeks ago
Total downloads: 25

Release notes 

  RC release.
Function addition
- Add table parameter "use_table_charset".
- Add server parameter "spider_use_table_charset" and "spider_local_lock_table".


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Bug fix
- Can't use XA transaction if you use multi-byte character with xid. Spider's management table was changed by this bug fix. Please execute following SQL for updating Spider's management table.
  alter table mysql.spider_xa modify data char(128) charset binary not null default '';
  alter table mysql.spider_xa_member modify data char(128) charset binary not null default '';
- Get an error if you execute "select count(*)" query with "select_column_mode=1".
- Get an error if you execute "alter table" with only comment changes.
- Can't unlock tables until disconnecting by user if you drop all Spider tables after executing "lock table" statement.
- Get a blank error at table initializing.
- Execute a blank SQL if it is caused an error after "start_bulk_insert".
- Server crash at using "checksum table" statement.
- Can't judge changed BLOB column at updating.

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