Spider for MySQL 3.0-for-5.5.14

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Spider for MySQL
Kentoku SHIBA
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download icon mysql-5.5.14-spider-3.0-vp-0.18-hs-1.2-q4m-0.95.tgz (md5) beta source 390
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon spider-init-3.0-for-5.5.14.tgz (md5) beta binary 127
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
download icon spider-src-3.0-for-5.5.14.tgz (md5) beta source 136
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
download icon spider-doc-3.0-for-5.5.14.tgz (md5) beta document 257
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
Total downloads: 910

Release notes 

Function addition
- Support link to oracle tables.(Need rebuilding Spider on Oracle client library installed server)
- Support handlersocket bulk access feature.
- Performance improvement for "insert on duplicate key update" with "direct_dup_insert=1".
- Add server parameter "spider_bulk_access_free".
- Add table parameter "pk_name", "sequence_name", "bulk_access_free".


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Bug fix
- Sometimes, server crash at using XA transaction.
- Server crash at using "alter table tp1 TRUNCATE PARTITION p1".
- Sometimes, get wrong ordered result at using "direct_order_limit".
- Sometimes, get short number of records at using "direct_order_limit" and "spider_bgs_mode=1".
- Sometimes, change "null string" to "null" in result when using "quick_mode=3".
- Does not work DATE_SUB() correctly.
- Sometimes, get no record at using multiple column index with "is null".
- Sometimes, does not use statistics information for executing plan.
- Sometimes, get "Illegal mix of collations" error at using utf8_unicode_ci table.
attention: "spider_force_commit=1" is default value from this version. If you want to use previous version's setting, please set "spider_force_commit=0".

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