Spider for MySQL 3.1-for-5.5.34

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Spider for MySQL
Kentoku SHIBA
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download icon mysql-5.5.34-spider-3.1-vp-1.0-hs-1.2-q4m-0.95.tgz (md5) beta source 261
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon spider-init-3.1-for-5.5.34.tgz (md5) beta installer 106
last downloaded 23 weeks ago
download icon spider-src-3.1-for-5.5.34.tgz (md5) beta source 121
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon spider-doc-3.1-for-5.5.34.tgz (md5) beta document 144
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
Total downloads: 632

Release notes 

Function addition
- Add server parameter "spider_general_log" and "spider_log_result_errors".
- Add table parameter "force_bulk_update" and "force_bulk_delete".
- Add "spider_bka_mode=2" and "bka_mode=2".
- Add "mysql.spider_xa_failed_log" table.
- Performance improvement for "COUNT", "MAX", "MIN" and "SUM" without join and distinct.
- Performance improvement for fulltext search.
- Add case of parallel searching.
attention: "semi_split_read=2" is default value from this version. If you want to use previous version's setting, please set "semi_split_read=0".


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Bug fix
- Fix virtual memory explosion.
- Fix resetting autoincrement value at adding partition.
- Fix bug for "auto_increment_mode=0" with multiple Spider node.
- Fix sometimes get "commands out of sync" at using "spider_conn_recycle_mode=1" and "spider_quick_mode=2"
- Fix sometimes cause deadlocking at opening tables
- With SPIDER plugin installed, XA COMMIT/ROLLBACK after recovery causes assertion `! is_set()' failure in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status MDEV-4739
- Assertion `! is_set()' fails in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status on UPDATE which violates constraint on a remote table MDEV-4736
- fix crash at thd_wait_begin() at starting up
- Assertion `! is_set()' fails in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status on attempt to create a temporary SPIDER table connecting to non-existing source MDEV-4735
- INSERT DELAYED on a SPIDER table doesn't produce ER_DELAYED_NOT_SUPPORTED, doesn't work like delayed, and doesn't honor lock_wait_timeout like normal INSERT MDEV-4738
- Server crashes in spider_mysql_handler::append_match_against on SELECT .. MATCH .. AGAINST .. BOOLEAN MODE MDEV-4737
- Spider engine causes compilation errors if compiled without partitioning MDEV-4949
- Fix a case of different linked table name for mrr.
- Fix mrr duplicate key
- Fix for xa transaction restart when disconnection data node
- Server crashes on attempt to change engine on a SPIDER table MDEV-4733
- Server crashes on attempt to create a SPIDER table with a wrong version of mysql.spider_tables MDEV-4732
- Spider crash on show create table spider table and replication multi source to one of the partitions MDEV-4797

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