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1. First, finish any tasks remaining from the last meeting 2. We'll follow steps described in the TurboGears 2.1 docs 3. Get your Bazaar branch of Reformed Churches Locator 4. Start the web server 5. Open & edit code in your editor, reload app, see changes in app 6. Pylons debugging interface 7. Commit changes locally, (pull/merge then) push to shared branch 8. Launchpad blueprints - pick one & implement it, create new blueprints 9. Discuss Reformed Churches Locator overview & versioning 10. Write model code View the Meeting Home Page

17:00 CDT on Thursday, 2010-06-17
19:00 CDT on Thursday, 2010-06-17
Caney Orthodox Presbyterian Church 206 N Vine Caney, KS 67333

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