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10:00 +07 on Sunday, 2008-07-06
16:00 +07 on Sunday, 2008-07-06
AIS Future world ณ Siam paragon ชั้น 5

Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for Clubuntu development they are:

You should contact the meeting driver if you have any additional questions about the structure or agenda of the meeting.


Latest 5 additions to the meeting agenda

หน้าแนะนำการใช้งานของ Club Distro
Club Distro GTK icon theme
Clubuntu GNOME splash theme
Club Distro usplash for Clubdistro
Club Distro usplash theme
GDM Theme ของ Club Distro

There are a total of 10 specifications on the meeting agenda. You can view the full current agenda here.