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09:30 CST on Monday, 2014-01-27
14:00 CST on Wednesday, 2014-01-29
701 Brazos St #1601, Austin, TX 78701

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Must have: 1. Enable admins to set a sitewide TTL minimum 2. Do not allow tenants to set a TTL lower than the sitewide minimum. 3. Allow admins to apply TTL exceptions for a zone below the sitewide minimum. Nice to have: 4. Allow admins to apply TTL exceptions for a tenant below the sitewide minimum. Design consid...
Upon reviewing prior versions of a zone and related records. A user can then choose a specific prior version and notify the system to update the zone to that version's state. Example: User A made a change to record Y on zone X. User X created zone T with records B, C and D. An option to define the time period/numb...
A common use case for a migration is importing a new tenants often complicated DNS configuration. To aide in the process, admins and tenants would benefit from the capability to import multiple bind9 zone files in one request. An acceptable solution could be a command line client that takes a directory of zone fil...
SEE THE FULL SPEC Summary: A user needs to create, modify, delete multiple resources. This would be done in phases. Phase 1: Expand the DB interactions with storage to use transactions. Phase 2: Expand those to support Bulk Actions for various operations.
A user needs to modify or delete multiple records that may or may not belong to the same zone. For example, if a new IP is introduced into a configuration or when during a hardware migration.

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