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This will be the first meeting we have had in a while so let's make it great! Please mark if you will be attending the Refresh meeting. Also discuss: new members, weekly meeting.

23:00 UTC on Sunday, 2012-02-05
23:59 UTC on Sunday, 2012-02-05
This meeting will be conducted on IRC. Network: (6667; SSL: 6697); SSL Certificate SHA1: 3c:48:77:69:89:91:4b:7b:0d:be:5a:b7:52:76:1d:c2:9a:f4:80:d3

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== Reason == Members of teams often go inactive. These members simply sit in the team taking up space when they don't intend to actually do anything. Sometimes a reminder is needed to keep this user active or for them to declare their intent to remain involved with the project. == Proposal == Set an account expiry ...
GPG Key Requrements for Anonplus
All developers should be required to have a GPG key for the purposes of authentication, signing commits, and secure communication. Members of the administration team are expected to have a GPG key as well for secure communication and identity verification. BBot can then be setup to monitor commits and report commit...
Create the vomun-contributers team (aka, vomun-contrib) as a team within Launchpad. This team is a general place for organizing new developers and monitoring them. Anyone can join this team by request and their membership will be active for 90 days. They can renew their membership and upon renewal, an experienced de...
Friend Identification for Anonplus
Identify friends based on the connection request packet (0x0000) packet they send. == Necessity == When we receive anonymity connections through sources such as Tor, it is not possible to identify who went the packet based on the source IP address. Also, it is not practical to expect users with dynamic IP addresses...

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