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Ubuntu South Carolina (USA) will be meeting 25 January 2008 on #ubuntu-us-sc at 8:00 P.M. EST to discuss agenda items and other formal items. Informal items will be held until the end of the meeting. The agenda can currently be found at: Which our team members can edit and add to as they see fit. As this is our first meeting we look to set up a general road map, membership guidelines and other information for our future as a team. Join us if you would like. The meeting will be logged and posted afterwards on our website and Wiki. Our web site can be found at: Our forums are on and we have general Wiki pages found if you follow the links backwards from the navigation on the above Wiki page. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via e-mail, PM me or whatever method you feel comfortable with doing. I respond best to e-mail. Sincerely, Craig / xq Ubuntu South Carolina, USA View the Meeting Home Page

18:00 EST on Thursday, 2008-01-24
19:30 EST on Thursday, 2008-01-24
Freenode IRC Network #ubuntu-us-sc

Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for Ubuntu-US-SC Team Meeting (IRC) 25 Jan 08 they are:

You should contact the meeting driver if you have any additional questions about the structure or agenda of the meeting.


Nobody has yet proposed any blueprints for discussion at this sprint. If you will be attending the sprint you should make sure that the blueprints you are interested in discussing get nominated for the agenda. You can do this using the "Propose for meeting agenda" action link on the blueprint page.


No attendees yet registered.