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Meetings for the UbuntuKylin team for the Saucy Salamander Cycle.

09:00 CST on Sunday, 2013-05-19
18:00 CST on Sunday, 2013-05-19

Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for UbuntuKylin Saucy Meetings they are:

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UbuntuKylin Images for Ubuntu Kylin
This session will discuss the businesses related to the images of UbuntuKylin. As a Chinese flavor, we want it supports more architectures and Chinese language better.
This blueprint is for discussing the development plan of applications for UbuntuKylin for 13.10 and also 14.04. Welcome to join us! To start, we proposed several ideas. You are welcome to propose new wonderful ideas or discuss the detail of current ones.
1) Update the system documentation that ships with the UbuntuKylin desktop operating systems. 2) Improve User Guide at 3) Manage of forum (, IRC channel, QQ Group, Mail List.
As the indicator-china-weather is a common application and welcomed for many Chinese users, we should port it to work on the LTS version that most people prefer. Recently the UDS disscused the rolling release which would make the LTS version more important. So maybe it's time to port it to precise now.

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