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14:00 UTC on Tuesday, 2013-05-14
20:00 UTC on Thursday, 2013-05-16

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MAAS Next Steps for Ubuntu
[RATIONALE] MAAS will continue to evolve and continue to provide new features that will improve its capability and usability in hybrid environments. [GOAL] Provide the latests MAAS features in Saucy.
UEFI, Secure Boot and hardware enablement backports work for Kubuntu
In the Ubuntu community we have teams of contributors on the country, state and city level and mixtures of these. It'd be good for us to find out what we can do to enable them in an organised fashion.
AskUbuntu is a great resource to get support, and help others. But the problem gets in when there's non-English speakers who are trying to get help, and can't due to the language the page is on. The plan is to localize this Q&A system with Shapado, and lower the linguistic barrier people can have when trying to get ...
13.04 brought a proof of concept fast path installer and some integration into maas. 13.10 needs to further this and make it much more a product.

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