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The Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit, November 2013 View the Meeting Home Page

14:00 UTC on Tuesday, 2013-11-19
20:00 UTC on Thursday, 2013-11-21

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Topic: App Services for Ubuntu
The work items to complete the development of a set of system services and general application framework to support the new app model. This includes push notifications, media service, download manager and online accounts.
See what it takes to get x86 Touch images working in an emulator. This should shake out the armhf specific assumptions in our packaging on the Ubuntu side, and in our changes to Android.
Discuss how to deliver plugins over Click packages Colin has hashed out the Click requirements already, and it should all be doable with the current system-level and user-level hooks. There's a detailed plan for Unity scopes at: But there are o...
We want the emulator to be our main target for testing an development. This session is to discuss the current status of the emulator, and the remaining work to integrate it at our development/CI/SDK stack. Topics: 1. bringup (including MIR) 2. emulator packaging/distribution (as part of SDK?) 3. phablet-tools su...
We define a system framework for apps to specify for compatibility. The planned changes for 14.04 need to be defined.

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