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[ Event Summary ] The Ubuntu Education Summit will discuss issues which impact users or stakeholders of Ubuntu products in the Education sector. [ Event Audience ] The target audience covers educators, decision-makers, government, developers, community managers and anyone with an interest in the deployment of Ubuntu/Edubuntu/Kubuntu or related open source platforms in education settings. View the Meeting Home Page

10:00 UTC on Thursday, 2007-05-03
19:00 UTC on Friday, 2007-05-04
Silken Al-Andalus Palace Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain

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There is increasing interest in deploying Edubuntu on a large scale, and we are getting questions on how to best set up the deployment and configuration to reduce installation effort, as well as ongoing administration overhead. We will discuss existing configuration options, documentation of these options (existing ...
If an experienced sysadmin is asked to set up Edubuntu, one of the things they should think about is what happens in the event of failures. If a more novice admin (eg a teacher) does it, it probably never occurs to them. Then one day a disk fails in their thin client server, 30 desktops go down and all their data is...
Ubuntu includes free application developement tools and utilities and could be easily positioned as a Developer Environment for Teaching Computer Programming. This blueprint will discuss the requirements of the education sector, the curent fit with requrements, what's missing, and how to present this to the target a...
Jono Bacon and Richard Weideman feel that there is a good opportunity to create a Schools Ubuntu User Community, to unify learners and teachers around the Ubuntu brand, and allow for international projects and synergies. We will discuss ways of setting up this initiative, whereby we can plant the seeds, but allow fo...
The process and responsibilities for Edubuntu Documentation need to be more clearly defined. The Edubuntu documentation should fit under the Ubuntu documentation processes and resources / facilities, but has its own specific variations. UES will discuss the Edubuntu requirements and internal processes, and will carr...

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