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1) UbuntuKylin 13.10 Discussion: Input method & Youker Assistant & Localization & QA 2) UbuntuKylin 14.04 Discussion: What we will do?

09:00 CST on Tuesday, 2013-08-13
18:00 CST on Wednesday, 2013-08-14
CCN Lib, Beijing, China

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For identifying what need to be done about localization for 13.10.
------------------------------------------------------English Description--------------------------------------------------- After the release of UbuntuKylin 13.04, we had got feedback from users that there are too many "Ubuntu", not "UbuntuKylin" in our system. It shows that we customized our system for Chinese use...
In this blueprint, we want to discuss the design of version 0.2 and review current code。
--------------------------------------------English Description--------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------中文介绍----------------------------------------------------------------------         当前UK下的中文输入法在用户体验上已经有了比较明显的改进,但与Windows系统下的输入法体验还是存在差异,特别是对于普通用户来说方便快捷的个性化定...

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