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14:00 UTC on Tuesday, 2014-06-10
20:00 UTC on Thursday, 2014-06-12

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After our first App Dev School events we want to have a formal training programme. Let's discuss how we want to implement this.
This blueprint tracks the work needed to get click packages downloaded/installed on the desktop
RTM archive plans for Ubuntu
Ubuntu for phones will reach its first release-to-manufacturing (RTM) milestone in September 2014. This falls in the middle of an Ubuntu development cycle, so we need some creative archive management to ensure that we can produce stable builds. I'll be presenting our plan to build a special-purpose derived distrib...
Discussion and plans on how to deliver translations for the phone going forward. As a recap: Currently: - We're shipping the desktop language packs on the phone - This works for now, but it's suboptimal in the sense that: - the desktop language packs include translations that will never be shipped on the phone (e...
Follow up on discussions at Canonical sprint about providing system image updates for server environments. Confirm the design, and determine what we intend to implement for utopic.

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