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14:00 UTC on Wednesday, 2014-11-12
20:00 UTC on Friday, 2014-11-14

Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for UOS 14.11 they are:

You should contact the meeting driver if you have any additional questions about the structure or agenda of the meeting.


Latest 5 additions to the meeting agenda

15.04 Kernel Topics for Ubuntu
General catch all blueprint for kernel work needing done for 15.04.
UOS 14.11 Feedback for Ubuntu
This session for the UOS 14.11 feedback and the plans for the next ones.
The Lubuntu Team will present the latest news and upcoming directions for the Lubuntu project. There is something for everyone, from artwork and marketing to quality assurance to development to documentation, and more. Whether a user or contributor, there will be material just for you!
Identify and schedule what resources (documentations, tools, SDK integration, etc) are needed to support app developers who are porting apps from other platforms to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu SDK.
The high level goals of this blueprint are: 1. to have a fully usable lxc/lxd experience 2. to be able to drive lxd containers through the command line and openstack 3. to be able to run systemd-based containers 4. to make user namespace-protected containers more useful 5. to go even beyond the security guarantees ...

There are a total of 16 specifications on the meeting agenda. There are 2 specifications proposed which the organisers will review. You can view the full current agenda here.