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Ubuntu Online Summit, highlighting work from Ubuntu 15.10 and detailing plans for 16.04

14:00 UTC on Tuesday, 2015-11-03
20:00 UTC on Thursday, 2015-11-05

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Ubuntu should support updating firmware for systems and components; we should also further define the behavior for EFI fallbacks.
Frameworks extend the functionality of Snappy Ubuntu Core systems in a vary practical way. Let's discuss how we can bring more services to Snappy Ubuntu Core.
In this session we want your feedback on your Snappy and Snapcraft onboarding experience: - How were you welcomed into the world of Snappy? Was the documentation sufficient? Were you able to find your way around? - We are planning some changes to the documentation and would like to present them and get feedback. ...
In this session we want to figure out how the Snappy developer community can interact and get support, particularly: - support of askubuntu/stackoverflow - which G+ communities/Twitter/etc to use - which presentation and workshop materials we want to create and share - how we can support people who want to repre...
With hardware becoming cheaper (ie Raspberry Pi, etc.) a number of apps and appliances were built, which are very popular today. It'd be great if it was easy for app developers to bring their apps to Snappy Ubuntu Core as well. Let's figure out how developers can port them over and we can get feedback about what sho...

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