The First StackApplet 1.5 Release Candidate Is Out

Written for StackApplet by Nathan Osman on 2011-07-31

After a rather unfortunate and long delay, StackApplet 1.5rc1 is now available for download. The delay was caused by some bugs and packaging problems with the Windows version, which have since been identified and fixed for this release.

Not much has changed since the last beta release. Some minor code tweaks were made and some new translations were added. Speaking of translations, a very big thank you to all of you who participated in adding the new translations to StackApplet. Your contributions are very much appreciated and truly make StackApplet a global application.

Since this is a release candidate, any bugs that you find need to be reported immediately. If none are discovered, this release candidate will actually become the release. Also, if anyone else would like to contribute a translation, please do so quickly as time is running out to get them into the 1.5 release.

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