StackApplet 1.5 Released!

Written for StackApplet by Nathan Osman on 2011-11-17

Today, I am pleased to announce the release of StackApplet 1.5. After much planning and hard work, version 1.5 is now complete and has passed all of the testing stages. There are a number of new changes in this release and I'll try to briefly touch on some of the major ones below.

First and foremost, StackApplet has gained a new platform: Microsoft Windows. There is now a Windows installer for StackApplet that will install and configure the application. The installer includes all of the GTK+ runtime libraries as well as replacement modules for Linux-only functionality like AppIndicators and pynotify. The program runs in the system tray area and the menu can be opened by clicking on the icon.

Secondly, StackApplet now integrates into the messaging menu, allowing you to keep track of new comments and answers while you're away from your desktop. There is even an option that enables an entry for StackApplet in the menu when the application is not running.

Thirdly, the preferences dialog has been completely replaced by an interactive AJAX-based web page that you can view in your browser. Changes to settings are applied instantly and there are many more customizable options. You can even reorder items in the menu by dragging-and-dropping them.

The translations for StackApplet have been updated and I take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in translating StackApplet into your language. There are now 11 translations for StackApplet, allowing many more people from all over the world to use the application.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this release a success!

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