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StartUp-Manager is dead

Written for StartUp-Manager by Jimmy Rönnholm on 2011-05-06

So, i have finally come to the decision to officially stop development of this application.

For personal reasons, i have not kept up with Ubuntu much lately. I was meaning to get back to this project someday, even said at one point that there will be a SUM2. Sorry about that, i have realized now that it will not happen.

The decision to make this announcement came today when reading a bug report about some changes with the latest versions of grub. When trying to figure out how to adapt to these changes, i came across another app: Grub Customizer. After testing that app, i realized that updating SUM would just be a duplication of work at this point. So check that app out instead, it seems to work well.
Of course, if anyone feel like taking over this project anyway, just contact me.

Thanks all for using and contributing to StartUp-Manager in the past

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