Stellarium 0.11.1 Release Candidate 1

Written for Stellarium by Alexander Wolf on 2011-10-15

The Stellarium team announces the first release candidate of Stellarium version 0.11.1.

Change log for 0.11.1:
 Bug fix release.
 - new skyculture: Arabic
 - new moons and rings (LP: #815484, #834336)
 - Belarusian translation for landscapes and sky cultures (LP: #849292)
 - possibility to observate geo-orbiting satellites (LP: #837274)
 - new cities (LP: #856343, #860206)
 - location window: map pointer position is updated on longitude/latitude change.
 - Solar System Editor plug-in: a bug in the parsing of MPC lists: the epoch's Julian Day value was wrong by 0.5 JD (LP: #836839)
 - Solar System Editor plug-in: crash while trying to browse for a local file (LP: #837396)
 - Historical Supernovae plug-in: a bug in plug-in name (LP: #803157)
 - Historical Supernovae plug-in: a bug in selected instead of nearby stars (LP: #835815)
 - doesn't load localised description of skyculture/landscape if applanguage=system_default (LP: #845924)
 - add/remove landscapes dialog bug in OSX 10.6.8 (LP: #812008)
 - horizon line setting not saved (LP: #811945)
 - orbital period totally wrong for Himalia (LP: #806174)
 - flag_show_fps = false & flag_show_fov = flase (LP: #728294)
 - 0.11.0 will crash if a landscape is selected with misspelled planet name (LP: #835422)
 - crash on selecting off-Earth location in the Location window (LP: #834886)
 - 0.11.0 crashes when switching language while location window is open (LP: #824936)

Please help us with test it - you can download a package for Windows from this URL -

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