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Fabien Chéreau
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4 Bogdan Marinov, 8 Fabien Chéreau, 1 Guillaume Chereau, 1 Matthew Gates
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Stellarium 0.10.3 Released
The Stellarium team are delighted to announce the release of Stellarium 0.10.3.

This release brings some exciting new features. Stellarium now ships with plug-ins for predicting the positions of artificial satellites in Earth orbit, improved telescope control features, telescope eyepiece simulation (ocular) and more. Plug-ins can be enabled using the new plug-ins tab in the configuration dialog.

We also have a new sky culture - Aztec, updated translations and an in-program script editor.

Under the hood, the structure of the program has continued to evolve to make it easier to code new features, improve performance and maintainability.



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0.10.3 [2010-01-28]
Based on Qt 4.6.x
Bundling of plugins: Satellites, Oculars, AngleMeasure, CompassMarks, TelescopeControl, TextUserInterface.
New script engine improvements including variable script running speed, and a script console (activate with F12).
Made tabs in GUI smaller by moving titles under the icons.
Updated the plugin API to allow to compilation and easy distribution of static plugins.
Added plugins window.
Got rid of the boost library dependency.
The whole sky display viewport is now contained in a class deriving from QGraphicsWidget, allowing to move and resize it as a normal widget.
Generalized the use of shared pointers for StelObject management.
Use vertex shaders for computation of atmosphere color if OpenGL supports it.
Optimized openGL calls by replacing glBegin()/glEnd() by the use of vertexArray.
Optimization of critical parts of the projection code.
Added code for managing and displaying non-convex polygons + unit tests.
Recoded the StelGrid code to support non ponctual sky regions, and optimized API (new class StelSphericalIndex + unit tests)
Optimized many part of the code by reducing creation of temporary Vec3d/Vec3f.
Optimized JSON parser (x25 speed improvement) + unit tests.
Migrated all text drawing system to QFont. This fixes long standing bugs for displaying arabic and asian characters in the sky. Also allow to get rid of 6 source files and of the freetype dependency (managed internally to Qt)
Switch default back end mode to native for Windows as ATI drivers often have problems, still raster default for other platforms. Add --graphics-system option.
Fixed magnitude computation for most of the planets.
Use GL Shader for stars rendering if OpenGL >= 2.1.
Re-organized the startup by moving log and command line processing to main.cpp.
Re-coded all the management of extra star catalogs.
Implemented partial support of OpenGLES 2.0.
Moved official plugins code into plugins/ and changed the cmake config so that they are automatically compiled in static.
Re-coded the texture engine based on Qt loading features (Got rid of explicit libjpeg and libpng dependencies!).
Allowed to first render the sky in a frame buffer.
Moved the code related to viewport distortions into a new class StelViewportEffect based on frame buffer object.
Added working cmake targets for compilig and runing unit tests.
Added a delay before making Simbad name lookup queries to avoid sending too many requests.
Added the Aztec sky culture.
Many minor fixes and optimizations.

4 blueprints and 23 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Add a GUI element allowing to manage plugins Add a GUI element allowing to manage plugins 4 High   11 Implemented
Create a GUI to manage collections of sky images Create a GUI to manage collections of sky images 3 Medium   5 Started
A grid which can manage non-ponctual objects A grid which can manage non-ponctual objects 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Illustrations in sky culture descriptions Illustrations in sky culture descriptions 1 Undefined Fabien Chéreau  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
503943 #503943 Click focus is broken in Date/Time window 2 Critical Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
508104 #508104 Texture displays with new grahics method 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
509962 #509962 Telescope driver not working 2 Critical Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
349234 #349234 Star catalog downloader does not recognise pre-download catalogues 3 High Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
483200 #483200 Visual Magnitude Values Are Inconsistent 3 High   10 Fix Released
483351 #483351 Locale switching failed to switch fonts 3 High   10 Fix Released
497611 #497611 Rings of Saturn behind, not around the planet 3 High Guillaume Chereau  10 Fix Released
503888 #503888 Moon eclipse doesn't work on SVN version 3 High Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
506414 #506414 Static plug-ins cause a crash if certain directories are missing 3 High   10 Fix Released
512057 #512057 Broken window layouts 3 High Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
360202 #360202 Star catalog downloads are not working without root privileges 4 Medium Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
512045 #512045 Incorrect use of StelFileMgr::getUserDir() 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
352378 #352378 On multi-monitor displays, initial window positions are sometimes off-screen 5 Low Matthew Gates  10 Fix Released
501635 #501635 Countries are not listed in alphabetical order 5 Low Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
504214 #504214 "Use associated language for sky labeling" doesn't work 5 Low Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
504651 #504651 Aztec sky culture description illustrations are not displayed 5 Low Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
504669 #504669 Missing country names in the locations list 5 Low Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
490423 #490423 strange jump between: 999 dec 31 and 1000 jan 1 1 Undecided Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
490805 #490805 Stellarium for Mac cache path is missing folder divider; uses ~/Library/Cachesstellarium instead of ~/Library/Caches/Stellarium 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
502089 #502089 Constallation art brightness setting not restored 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
508718 #508718 Hebrew backwards 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
512767 #512767 Atmosphere no longer working (black sky) 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
513404 #513404 incorrect label in star coordinates 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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