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The Stellarium team is very proud to announce the release of stable version 0.10.5. This is an important bug fix release closing more than 30 bugs in the main application and in the plugins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements, as well as a much reduced starting time.
A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs!


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0.10.5 [2010-06-02]
Bug fix release.
- various problems with OpenGL shaders. If you experience problems with unreadable fonts, try adding the line "use_qpaintenginegl2 = false" in the [main] section of the configuration file (config.ini).
- distorted menu icons on Windows. (LP: #512060)
- LC_NUMERIC locale not being set properly, causing problems on some systems with old_style landscapes (LP: #518809) and the Satellites plug-in (LP: #522520). (fix proposed by Hleb Valoshka and others)
- planet orbits not being toggled by pressing 'O'. (LP: #536684)
- setting landscape altitude (patch by Georg Zotti).
- making a series of location changes in a script. (LP: #500192)
- telescope control sending RA=0 for objects with RA between (12 and 24?) on Intel Macs. (LP: #544250, fix proposed by David Hulse)
- windows and toolbars not being affected by night vision mode. (LP: #539665)
- a crash on Windows when exiting Stellarium after a search. (LP: #534674)
- the Oculars plug-in not closing its SQL database on exit.
- the last star catalog not being offered for download. (LP: #538291)
- system clock running fast on some Windows systems using ACPI power managment (LP: #514184)
- the top labels of vertical grid lines not being displayed, and improper label rotation.
- script engine was recoded thread-free, this fixes many script related bugs.
- handling of negative/large dates in scripts.
- wrong time at startup when a time zone different than "system_default" is set in the configuration file (LP: #487232)

- the Date/Time window is now synchronised with the date/time displayed in the toolbar, instead of showing the last date/time that has been entered.
- the visual style of some plug-ins.
- optimized loading of cities.
- optimized loading of planet textures (lazy loading).
- restructured src/ subdirectories to match code dependencies. Directories modules/, external/ and planetsephems/ are now under core/.
- stars positions and grid are now coded in float instead of double, to avoid huge memory consomption when loading all 9 star catalogs.
- improved management of OpenGL context in StelPainter.
- StelStyle class was moved from core to GUI library.
- GUI related resources are now compiled as part of GUI library.
- don't use a generated config.h anymore (use simple compile definitions instead).
- suppressed most compilation warnings with -Wextra even without the -Wno-unused-parameter flag.
- suppressed all the TelescopeMgr/Telescope code within the core. It is replaced by the TelescopeControl plugin.
- suppressed many unused files from installation target.

- option to create a desktop shortcut in the Windows installer.
- time dragging: Hold down Ctrl+Space and drag the mouse across the sky to change time speed.
- re-added the "planet trails" feature. Toggle with Shift+T.
- some Sky-Watcher mounts to the list of devices supported by the Telescope Control plug-in.
- yet unused code for computing atmosphere refraction and extinction.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
518809 #518809 some landscapes are not drawn 3 High   10 Fix Released
525995 #525995 Fonts unreadable in 0.10.4 3 High   10 Fix Released
536684 #536684 Planet Orbits don't appear when char 'O' is pressed 3 High Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
539665 #539665 Dialog windows are not affected by night vision mode 3 High Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
484726 #484726 Unable to Stop Screensaver Tour Script 4 Medium Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
487232 #487232 Timezone settings have no effect 4 Medium Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
500192 #500192 Various scripting problems 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
521134 #521134 Fix for blurry sky labels 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
538291 #538291 Star Catalog Download thinks there are no more new catalogs 4 Medium Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
544250 #544250 Telescope control sends zero right ascension on Intel Macs 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
554541 #554541 stars8 catalogue is not loaded in 0.10.4 and lower (for me) 4 Medium Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
567620 #567620 Location window list redraw problem in 0.10.4 4 Medium Diego  10 Fix Released
568289 #568289 Watertown, South Dakota can't be the default location 4 Medium Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
579983 #579983 Ocular Eyepiece Data 4 Medium treaves  10 Fix Released
585068 #585068 Can't set "before Christ" date with setDate API + 2 other little bugs 4 Medium Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
512060 #512060 Distorted menu icons on Windows 5 Low   10 Fix Released
514184 #514184 Stellarium causes the system clock to run fast (ACPI problem) 5 Low Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
534674 #534674 Crash, error message on exiting stellarium 5 Low Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
538315 #538315 version number wrong in config 0.10.4 5 Low   10 Fix Released
552045 #552045 Latitude and Longitute don't work well in TUI 5 Low Bogdan Marinov  10 Fix Released
567634 #567634 If no language configured, "Afrikaans" shown in configuration dialog 5 Low Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
568621 #568621 Scintilation does not stop when atmosphere is turned off 5 Low   10 Fix Released
572225 #572225 sagittarius written twice 5 Low   10 Fix Released
578101 #578101 core.getDate() always returns UTC time, not local 5 Low Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
582487 #582487 Missing credit in README 5 Low   10 Fix Released
583373 #583373 In scripts, utf characters with hex > 007E will not be displayed correctly on winXP 5 Low Fabien Chéreau  10 Fix Released
522520 #522520 satellite hints are not visible (graphic or text) 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
535011 #535011 Slovak translation of skycultures 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
551206 #551206 Stellarium crashes on startup in Win XP SP3 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
578422 #578422 Pressing configuration windows (F2) stellarium crashes 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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