Stellarium 0.16.0

0.16.0 should include work done during ESA SoCiS2015/2016:
- Synchronisation of several Stellarium instances
- Non-spherical/polygonal moons and asteroids
- Changes in the GUI
- Improvements for accuracy

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Alexander Wolf
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2 375gnu, 23 Alexander Wolf, 2 Florian Schaukowitsch, 1 Petr Kubánek, 1 Snow Sailor, 1 Tanmoy Saha, 11 gzotti, 1 henrysky
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Version 0.16.0 is based on Qt5.6.2. It can still be built from sources with Qt5.4.

5 blueprints and 38 bugs and wishlist items have been targeted.
New features include
- RemoteSync plugin, which allows running several connected instances of Stellarium.
- Non-spherical models for solar system objects like asteroids and small moons.
- Solar system config file is now split into two parts.
- AstroCalc feature extension: What's Up Tonight, graphs, ...
- DSO: Addition of catalogs of peculiar galaxies
- New Skycultures: Belarusian, Hawaiian Star Lines
- Telescope plugin: support for the RTS2 telescope system.
- Location can now be read from a GPS device.


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List of changes between version 0.15.2 and 0.16.0:
- Added support of irregular solar system objects (3D models of minor bodies) (LP: #1153171)
- Added Remote Sync plugin
- Added GPS devices support (LP: #1448673)
- Added splitting ssystem.ini data - now have separate ssystem_major.ini and ssystem_minor.ini. Only the latter shall be editable for the users.
- Added a few more timezone replacements.
- Added support an asterisms for the sky cultures
- Added better identification for existing serial ports for GPS
- Added context support for constellations and asterisms names
- Added support RTS2 for Telescope Control Plugin
- Added a new option in config.ini file esp. for the planetariums (astro/
flag_forced_meteor_activity=(false|true) - to show a sporadic meteors activity without atmosphere).
- Added support of date and time formatting settings from main app to AstroCalc tool.
- Added a line for the approximate time of the meridian passing in AstroCalc tool (LP: #1652523)
- Added TLE tracking to RTS2 telescopes
- Added different star scales in the Oculars plugin, even separately for ocular and CCD views (LP: #1656940)
- Added information on magnification of the combination of eyepiece/lens/telescope in proportions of the telescope diameters.
- Added configurable options to AstroCalc tool
- Added support Catalan (Valencian) language
- Added support Kabyle language
- Added 'What's Up Tonight' tool - AstroCalc subsystem (LP: #1080408)
- Added Dark Doodad Nebula to DSO catalog
- Added more data for analysis to the Exoplanets plugin.
- Added calculation of list of visible object for current location (AstroCalc)
- Added tool to remove custom markers by coordinates
- Added support double and variable stars for AstroCalc tool
- Added support translation novae names (parse nova name to extract constellation name and year of flash)
- Added lists of bright double and bright variable stars to Search Tool
- Added customized buttons for toggle ICRS/Galactic/Ecliptic grids (LP: #730689)
- Added customized buttons for toggle constellation boundaries (LP: #1249239)
- Added import/export bookmarks (LP: #1675078)
- Added confirmation before deleting landscape (LP: #1635137)
- Added guessing for name of location and use it when spaceship is landing (LP: #1220561)
- Added an 'Additional settings' block for selected object info
- Added showing a proper motions for some stars
- Added an optional indication of mount mode (LP: #1172860)
- Added option to toggle the usage the buttons background on bottom bar (LP: #1589702)
- Added config option for planet apparent magnitude configuration
- Added description to the planets magnitude algorithm
- Added contrast index for DSO
- Added AstroCalc/Graphs feature
- Added new option to configure behaviour of Satellites (Satellites/time_rate_limit = 1.0)
- Added a scripting function to retrieve property names (helpful for configuring RemoteSync).
- Added 3 additional catalogs to our DSO catalog (Arp, VV, PK)
- Added packing of DSO catalog
- Added the showing the groups of the artificial satellites
- Added Belarusian sky culture
- Adding Hawaiian Starlines sky culture
- Added list of bright stars with high proper motion to the Search Tool/Lists and AstroCalc/Positions features
- Added lunar magnitude to sky brightness computation (brightness variation during lunar eclipses!) (LP: #1471546)
- Added property handling for the labels for ArchaeoLines plugin.
- Added Ukrainian translation for Belarusian skyculture
- Added Ukrainian translation for Hawaiian Starlines skyculture
- Added context and improve English phrase (AstroCalc)
- Added missed zh_HK zh_TW zh_CN descriptions for western sky-culture (LP: #1698473)
- Added Belarusian description for Belarusian sky culture (LP: #1698535)
- Added Bengali description for Belarusian sky culture (LP: #1698608)
- Added 'simulation speed' for tooltip of time (LP: #1698510)
- Added saving an angular separation option for phenomena
- Fixed crash when tried use of SIMBAD for offline mode (LP: #1674836)
- Fixed build scripts to update Index once more just before final run.
- Fixed COSPAR designation parser.
- Fixed wrong extinction coordinate frame of Zodiacal Light (LP: #1675699)
- Fixed a missing initialisation (avoids crash at program end)
- Fixed bug for loading default scenery on non-Englush locale in Scenery3D plugin
- Fixed typo in name of dark nebula LDN 935 (LP: #1679066)
- Fixed Scripting Engine: avoiding broken script when calling waitFor() after the point in time to wait.
- Fixed infoMap data for comets.
- Fixed issue of reloading of DSO names when filter of catalogs is updated.
- Fixed small cosmetic bug for SIMBAD status line.
- Fixed the opposition/conjunction longitude line: the line follows the ecliptic pole on date now (LP: #1687307)
- Fixed very stupid bug for Date & Time dialog.
- Fixed translation on-the-fly issue for AstroCalc tool.
- Fixed IAU constellation label for stars with high proper motion (LP: #1690615)
- Fixed crash when AstroCalc tool is active and we are on the spaceship
- Fixed several Coverity issues
- Fixed bug which disabled the bright flare-type Iridium point source drawing
- Fixed fullscreen behaviour on switching tasks (Alt+Tab) (LP: #550337)
- Fixed dynamic eye adaptation behaviour when persistent orbits are enabled
- Fixed switching horizontal/equatorial coordinates for Solar system objects (AstroCalc/Positions)
- Fixed crash when observer is flying on spaceship
- Fixed storing torchlight and coordinate display flag to config (Scenery3D) (LP: #1502245)
- Fixed placing a custom markers on HighDPI devices (LP: #1688985)
- Fixed infostring for ecliptical coordinates data (Nutation)
- Fixed strings consistency for Solar System Editor plug-in (LP: #1698783)
- Fixed string overlap with FOV and FPS labels (LP: #1698789)
- Restore searchable for telescope names (LP: #1686857)
- Updated Scenery3D plugin
- Updated Satellites plugin: refactoring the source code and speed-up rendering of satellites
- Updated rule to create a directory for screenshots (LP: #1626686)
- Updated GUI: refactoring blocks
- Updated a GUI behaviour: a map in LocationDialog resizable is now.
- Updated a GUI behaviour: enabled low resolution for High DPI devices.
- Updated a GUI: added a few GUI text improvements
- Updated InnoSetup script
- Updated and revised stars names
- Updated Historical Supernovae catalog (Added SN 2017cbv)
- Updated meteor showers catalog (Added data for year 2017)
- Updated AstroCalc tool: increased an accuracy of 'Altitude vs. Time' diagram
- Updated AstroCalc tool: speed-up calculations for some types of phenomena
- Updated AstroCalc tool: extension of features for Ephemeris Tool
- Updated AstroCalc tool: improve WUT
- Updated filters for DSO objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Updated sorting rules for AstroCalc/Positions tool
- Updated filters for Solar system bodies (AstroCalc/Positions)
- Updated tab rules for Search Tool
- Updated list of locations
- Updated scripts and scripting engine
- Updated list of DSO's names
- Updated headers for AstroCalc tools
- Updated 'Go to home' feature.
- Updated Bookmarks tool.
- Updated API documentation
- Updated Exoplanets plugin: improve placing of the exoplanet systems
- Updated Oculars plugin: the limit for diameter of binoculars aperture upped to 200mm
- Updated calculation for boundaries of IAU constellations
- Updated default supernovae catalog
- Updated Belarusian translation for skycultures
- Updated cmake variable names
- Updated Ocean landscape
- Updated RemoteControl panels with new functionality
- Updated rules for TLE updated: never update TLE's for any date before Oct 4, 1957, 19:28:34GMT ;-)
- Removed script 'Analemma'
- Removed useless vertex color data from asteroid models.
- Removed Polynesian sky culture (replaced by Hawaiian starlines)

5 blueprints and 37 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Location dialog redesign Location dialog redesign 3 Medium gzotti  11 Implemented
Irregular Solar System bodies Irregular Solar System bodies 2 Low Florian Schaukowitsch  11 Implemented
Support for NMEA 0183 (GPS standard) Support for NMEA 0183 (GPS standard) 2 Low gzotti  11 Implemented
Improved Windows (un)installer Improved Windows (un)installer 2 Low Alexander Wolf  11 Implemented
list of visible object for location list of visible object for location 1 Undefined Alexander Wolf  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1674836 #1674836 Crash of 15.2 when entering text in search box 3 High Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1275092 #1275092 Solar total eclipse (2017) calculations error 4 Medium gzotti  10 Fix Released
1667032 #1667032 Very small letters on my Windows Surface 4 Medium Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1675699 #1675699 Zodiacal light: wrong extinction 4 Medium gzotti  10 Fix Released
1688985 #1688985 OSX: Custom markers are not placed where the user clicks 4 Medium Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1697222 #1697222 Stellarium 0.15.2 doesn't build with Qt 5.9.0 4 Medium gzotti  10 Fix Released
1220561 #1220561 Use of Ctrl-G to return to Earth 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1295791 #1295791 Problem occur when change the planet while you select that planet 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1502245 #1502245 Scenery3d: some fields are not being stored 5 Low gzotti  10 Fix Released
1679066 #1679066 typo Error 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1686857 #1686857 Search window does not include telescope names 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1687307 #1687307 Opposition/Conjunction longitude follows J2000.0 ecliptic pole 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1690615 #1690615 Stellar proper motion and IAU constellation label (Rho Aql) 5 Low gzotti  10 Fix Released
1694038 #1694038 translation update for skycultures, be_BY 5 Low 375gnu  10 Fix Released
1695726 #1695726 proper motion instead of proper motions 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1698473 #1698473 Missing zh_HK zh_TW zh_CN description for western sky-culture 5 Low henrysky  10 Fix Released
1698514 #1698514 Comet halley not showing on 2061 5 Low gzotti  10 Fix Released
1698535 #1698535 update for skycultures translations to belarusian 5 Low 375gnu  10 Fix Released
1698608 #1698608 bengali description belarusian sky culture 5 Low Tanmoy Saha  10 Fix Released
1698783 #1698783 String inconsistency with Minor Solar System objects 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1698789 #1698789 String overlap with FOV and FPS labels 5 Low Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
730689 #730689 Make the Equatorial grid icon selectable for J2000 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1019426 #1019426 Can't lock telescope tracking to a satellite 6 Wishlist Petr Kubánek  10 Fix Released
1080408 #1080408 What's Up Tonight? Tool like KStars 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1153171 #1153171 Non-spherical/polygonal satellites 6 Wishlist Florian Schaukowitsch  10 Fix Released
1172860 #1172860 Indication for azimuth/equatorial mount mode 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1249239 #1249239 enhancement: constellation boundary button 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1448673 #1448673 Include GPS/NMEA support for location 6 Wishlist gzotti  10 Fix Released
1471546 #1471546 sky brightness during lunar eclipse 6 Wishlist gzotti  10 Fix Released
1589702 #1589702 A GUI button/box to select no shading/background under the main toolbar buttons 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1626686 #1626686 Screen Shot Folder 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1635137 #1635137 Confirmation before deleting landscape 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1652523 #1652523 Add Meridian line in AstroCalc Altitude 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1656940 #1656940 Make star scales in Ocular view configurable 6 Wishlist gzotti  10 Fix Released
1675078 #1675078 Export/don't delete bookmarks 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
1687403 #1687403 Marker removal? 6 Wishlist Snow Sailor  10 Fix Released
1698510 #1698510 UI for displaying time speed 6 Wishlist Alexander Wolf  10 Fix Released
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