Stellarium 0.8.0

Major release including internationalization, improved planet computations, improved GUI and much more

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The stellarium team proudly presents version 0.8.0!
This is a major release. Main changes are :
- Internationalization in more than 20 languages
- Support for TTF fonts.
- Improved planets computations : faster and more accurate and including more satellites.
- Selectable cities in the location selector.
- Constellation boundaries.
- Full NGC catalog.
- Improved mouse control.
- Observer location is no more fixed on earth (beta)
- Major code reorganization and cleaning.
- New projection types.


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0.8.0 [2006-04-30]
BaseFont selectable in config
Constellation select from script fixed
TUI editing of some colors
Added constellation boundaries
Added full NGC nebula catalog.
Mouse cursor optional timeout
RA/DE displays corrected for precession
Option to allow UI use during scripts (flag_script_allow_ui)
CTRL-p will play the startup.sts script on demand
Select location by city
Meridian line (first press of 'z')
Popup error windows as script debugging option
Alt-Az readout for selected object
Changed font rendering system with new TTF compliant font adapted from the glGooey library.
Integrated the use of wide characters for all translatable string and UI.
Added a Translator class managing all translation in an Object Oriented way over gettext.
Included many increadible patches from Johannes Gajdosik : Reimplemented faster and more accurate solutions for all planet computation (VSOP87A), moon (ELP82B), added Saturnian satellites (TASS17), added Uranus satellites (GUST86), Mars satellites (ESAPHODEI).
The observer may be located on any planet (or satellite)
Planet twilight zones are darker than bright zones of a planet (as it was already in 0.5.1)
new projection types: stereographic (quite ok), spheric_mirror (just early alpha)
Planet oblateness
Splitted StelCore class into two separated classes : StelCore and StelApp.
Added many new .po files for translation in more languages.
Auto-scan available translations.
Auto-scan available sku cultures.
Improved mouse zoom control.
Viewport distortion for spheric mirror projection
Replaced calculation of galilean and mars satellites with newer and better calculations made by V.Lainey
Replaced current implementation of VSOP87B with faster and more accurate implementation of VSOP87
When displaying Mercury-Neptune orbits, the osculating orbits are shown
Light travel time compensation for solar system objects
Added Language section in the GUI.
Added meteor control and other things in the GUI
Re-made and improved object search feature.
Updated GUI button graphics.
Fixed many bugs.

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