STK-Unit 1.1.0

When 1.0 will be stable, no more features will be added - only bug fixes.
Most new features will then go to 2.0.
Small improvements which improve reliability or usability of 1.0 features, will go into 1.1.

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8 Federico Razzoli
3 Not started, 1 Needs Infrastructure, 1 Slow progress, 2 Implemented
3 Triaged, 1 Fix Committed

7 blueprints and 4 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Summary info in test_run Summary info in test_run 5 Essential Federico Razzoli  11 Implemented
Special Examples TCs Special Examples TCs 4 High Federico Razzoli  6 Slow progress
Restore InnoDB Buffer Pool after tests Restore InnoDB Buffer Pool after tests 3 Medium   1 Not started
PHP API + web GUI PHP API + web GUI 3 Medium Federico Razzoli  3 Needs Infrastructure
Asserts for DDL Asserts for DDL 3 Medium Federico Razzoli  1 Not started
Asserts for FLOAT and some other types Asserts for FLOAT and some other types 3 Medium   11 Implemented
config_get() should give error config_get() should give error 1 Undefined   1 Not started
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1198446 #1198446 no ORDER BY in views 3 High Federico Razzoli  7 Triaged
1159142 #1159142 No easy way to skip a Test 6 Wishlist Federico Razzoli  7 Triaged
1169864 #1169864 show create commands 6 Wishlist Federico Razzoli  7 Triaged
1154699 #1154699 ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY 5 Low Federico Razzoli  9 Fix Committed
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