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StoryQ is a C# 3.5 framework for Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). Similar to nBehave, but overall simplier. It is made to work within NUnit and MSUnit test runner lifecycles to make integration easier. Stories can be created either in plain text and then passively generated as C# (using to WPF application) or are directly entered in tests. Output is either to console or to html files. We include these html files on the build server for visibility beyond the developers. Each story's output is either pending, passed or failed - just as you would expect from NUnit.

StoryQ was written to reduce the time to start describing behaviour at the application level. It's based on a real project with features that include:

* plain text scenarios
* having more than one story or scenario in a file
* built on NUnit/MSUnit (rather than self-hosting)
* avoid creating new annotation/attributes
* auto-conversion of string arguments to numbers in the report
* pending steps generated for anything which hasn’t been defined yet (these don’t break the build)
* errors from scenarios are rethrown after the full scenario has been described - finishes with an Assert
* output reports to Console or HTML

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