Streamtastic 0.4.0

This release mainly introduces the icecast directory ( ) and the external media player support. Furthermore some bugs were fixed and the GUI was reworked to improve useabilty.

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Joachim Lippold
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Release notes 

The IceCast directory has been integrated into Streamtastic. It is available from the sidebar menu below the Shoutcast entry and offers all features that are known from the Shoutcast Browser except listeners count.

It is now possible to launch an external media player (like amarok, or winamp) for stream playback. When the feature is used for the first time a filechooser is offered to select your favourite shoutcast/icecast player. If you want to change the application later, just Ctrl + Click on the Play button to open the filechooser again (this is a temporary workaround until a gui for setting preferences is available). Currently ripped streams use the relay feature of streamripper (corresponds to -r [port] command line switch). This avoids 2 connection to the same station. You may specify a relay port range in the streamtastic config file using the Parameter "STREAMRIPPER_RELAY_PORT_RANGE". If no port range is given, the range will default to 46100-46199.

The highlighting for current ripped stations changed. Instead of graying out a station that is recorded or played, there is now an icon for Play or Record shown in the first column. Furthermore all station tables offer a popup menu. Now you can just right click to access a disired station action, instead of having to navigate down to the toolbar. In case you want to copy a stream url, just right click on a station and select "Copy URL" from menu. Finally stations are providing tooltips when necessary. Thus you can read long station or song names without having to resize the column. The double click handling has been made consistent over all views. The default action is PLAY. However you may change back to RECORD using the config parameters FAVS_STATION_DOUBLE_CLICK_ACTION and DIR_STATION_DOUBLE_CLICK_ACTION. In favorites view the "Edit" functionality for station name and url has been moved to the popup menu. The bitrate selector from DirectoryView was reworked. The selector starts with a basic set of bitrates and is extended automaticly as new values are discovered in stations list.

It is possible to minimize Streamtastic to tray/notification area now. The feature is enabled by default, but may be disabled in the user configuration file by setting the parameter MINIMIZE_TO_TRAY to DISABLED. A popup menu is available from the trayicon, currently offering the possibilities to restore, show the "About..." dialog or to close Streamtastic. However the java trayicon support has some disadvantages because it is AWT based. On WinXP the trayicon is looking acceptable but the popup menu is not using the native font size. On Linux with KDE the java trayicon seems to support no transparency, so there is an ugly grey background. Here the popup menu is far out of looking native, it is very outmoded. However the feature is functional and if you don't like how it is looking, you are still free to disable it.

The look and feel of Streamtastic is now selectable from the "Look and Feel" menu. The current selection is saved to the config file parameter "LOOK_AND_FEEL" which may be set to the values "Java" (cross platform look and feel), "OS" (system look and feel), "Substance" (Substance look and feel - Office 2007 Silver) or the class name of a look and feel which is available from classpath.

Most gui forms were reworked and are now based on GridBagLayout instead of GroupLayout. This has some positive effects on other look and feels and makes it easier to offer a jre 1.4 compatible version of Streamtastic in near future. The unused status label was removed.

There were also some changes to the BusyPane. It now only blocks the affected view, so it is now possible to switch to another view while the active one is blocked due to list retrievals from feed servers. Error messages will be suspended until the view is made active again.

The AboutFrame was redesigned. It is now undecorated and uses JTextPane instead of JLabels and JTextfields. The displayed text is now selectable and can be copied to the clipboard (especially helpful for the email addresses).

Update: Streamtastic 0.4.0 Update 1 available

The external player feature was almost unuseable for non-german users. The cause was a missing key in the translation property file which prevented the player selection dialog from showing. This and another small bug related to selection preservation was fixed in Update 1.

Update: Streamtastic 0.4.0 Update 2 available

This release introduces turkish language support provided by Zafer Güler and fixes a minor bug.


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New for 0.4.0u2

* added turkish locale (tr_TR) by Zafer Güler

#355893 Streamtastic accepts non-supported Streamripper versions (1.63-beta-7 and earlier)

New for 0.4.0u1

#337756 external player selection is not working for default locale (en)
#337805 actions (like play record) sometimes affect the wrong station

New for 0.4.0

* icecast directory ( ) integrated
* genrelists are also updated during refreshs
* current selected station/genre preserved during refreshs
* external player support (winamp, amarok tested)
* relayed playback for currently ripped streams
* currently ripped and played stations highlighted by icons in first column (instead of graying out)
* station tables reworked on all views (more columns, sorting, ..)
* popup menu for stations added
* stream urls may be copied to clipboard (available from popup menu)
* tooltips for stations (showing full title, station name, etc. if necessary)
* default double click action is "Play"
* enabled usage of compression for http responses (faster downloads for shoutcast and icecast)
* trayicon support (Streamtastic minimizes to tray now, tested on win32, linux/kde)
* bitrate selector updates available bitates automaticly (instead of fixed standard set)
* Look and Feel is selectable (substance now optional)
* some changes to the GUI (removed status label, layout, ..)
* reworked About Dialog (layout, added link to project page)

#291557 Closing the about dialog using the close button in the title bar exits streamtastic
#291552 Closing Streamtastic using File->Quit doesn't close running streamripper instances
#292354 new silence detection algorithm not used - should be utilized since revision 24

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