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Marco Ferreira
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2 Ivan Garcia, 1 Marco Ferreira, 6 Marco Rodrigues
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Mostly bug fixes


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
650635 #650635 Don't call files "CDs" 1 Undecided Marco Rodrigues  4 Won't Fix
551140 #551140 Definition of interface language from system locale 5 Low   6 Confirmed
306589 #306589 Error when clicking 'Download' (ascii codec can't encode) 3 High Marco Rodrigues  9 Fix Committed
334115 #334115 Can't uncheck subtitle for download 4 Medium Ivan Garcia  9 Fix Committed
341472 #341472 set IMDB infi, not implemented yet. Please donate 4 Medium Marco Rodrigues  9 Fix Committed
628901 #628901 Extra option to show uploader in the subtitle filename 6 Wishlist Marco Rodrigues  9 Fix Committed
650629 #650629 Don't display the 2nd CD by default 6 Wishlist Marco Rodrigues  9 Fix Committed
680725 #680725 Recognize ogv and webm videos 6 Wishlist Marco Rodrigues  9 Fix Committed
643177 #643177 Cannot login to my account 2 Critical Marco Ferreira  10 Fix Released
308279 #308279 Inform that subtitle has been downloaded 6 Wishlist Ivan Garcia  10 Fix Released
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