2008-10-13 - Subtitle Editor 0.25.0 released

Written for subtitleeditor by kaiman on 2008-10-15

 Subtitle Editor 0.25.0 is released and you can download it http://download.gna.org/subtitleeditor/0.25/subtitleeditor-0.25.0.tar.gz.

Not need a visual release logs for this release, the major improvements are inside. The subtitle format system was completely rewritten

    * Improve the encoding detection
    * Improve the newline support (Macintosh, Unix, Windows)
    * Fix: ASS/SSA time
    * Fix: SubViewer2 time

Other bugfixes and improvements

    * Improve the precision to the number of characters per second (patch by spirit)
    * Update the UI when files are open
    * Add option --enable-profiling
    * Fix: Error Checking with undo/redo support
    * Fix: Error Checking active list with "By Subtitles"
    * Fix: Minimum values in the Timing Preferences
    * Fix: Split the filename in the document tooltip
    * Fix: Column title and tooltip (Subtitle View)
    * Fix: Column alignment (Subtitle View)
    * Cleanup code

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