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Instant and efficient distributed backup and syncing, triggered whenever a file in a watched replica changes. An alternative dropbox replacement that allows you to sync computers directly, or with your own SSH servers or network attached storage (NAS) boxes.

### sucsynct features ###

 * Simple managment (G)UI.
 * 2-way "push" updates (event based syncing without polling).
    - sets up filesystem event watches on local and remote replicas
    - pipes remote notifications through a ssh connection
    - works with your own ssh server or NAS device
    - requires no external irc server or simmilar service
 * Multiple and cascaded replica pair definitions (profiles).
 * Uses proven and extensively configurable unison for syncing.
     - efficient transfers (no retransmitting of renamed or copied files)
     - efficient handling of binary files (transmitts only changed parts)
     - not fooled by clock skew or different timezones
     - option to keep older file versions
     - does not impose ever increasing storage space requirements
        (no need to keep full file history)
     - no webserver induced file size limits
     - can be combined with any version control system (e.g. for source code)
 * Shows a manual syncying dialog to resolve conflicts,
     while continuing to sync all remaining files.
 * Client-side encryption (encfs replicas).
    Defaults to auto-setup and mount encfs roots, if the replica
    roots are named *.encfs or *.decfs.
 * Separate unison logs for each profile in ~/.local/var/log/sucsynct/<profile>.
 * Personal configuration in ~/.config/sucsynct.conf.
 * Suitable for desktop environments, console, servers, and even network attached
    storage. (starting "sucsynct watchdog <profile>" avoids the manager UI)
 * Should work with any bash system (linux,bsd,mac)
    and be adaptable for win-bash or cygwin on windows.

* unison at all involved hosts
* ssh-client on all initiating hosts where sucsynct gets executed for remote syncs
* ssh-server on all hosts to sync with from remote

For remote syncs, if you have not already, create a local ssh key pair with "ssh-keygen" and set up passwordless auth to the remote host with "ssh-copy-id <user>@<remote-host>".

  For a minimized systray status icon, you will currently need
             zenity < 3.0 or yad installed.
  (Gnome 3 allone is not appropriate anymore.)

* inotify-tools (inotifywatch) on all hosts for automatic event-triggered syncing
* unison-gtk (or unison compiled with "-ui graphic" support) on all initiating hosts
   for graphical conflict resulution

* encfs on trusted hosts to encryt/decrypt replicas
   (Set up an *.encfs directory and use it as a replica root.)

For further instructions and configuration execute sucsynct.

Favorably, use bazaar version control: "bzr branch lp:sucsynct" (get updates
with "bzr pull lp:sucsynct").
Or download the current tarball:

Community feedback, bug reports, patches and support is very welcome at

After adding improvements to your local bazaar working copy of sucsynct, create a patchset with:
bzr commit --message="<description of your changes>" ; bzr send

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