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Set up infrastructure to get correct and updated metadata.

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Fabien Chéreau
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First stable release using client/server and providing daily refreshed data.


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1.0.0 [2010-08-16]
First really used release.
Based on stable Stellarium 0.10.5 (bzr rev 4743)
Splitted the application into client/server, allowing faster starting time and more scalability.
Performed many large performance optimization in the query engine. Try to make effificent use of multi-core architecture.
The whole QML-based GUI, and other configuration options ares now stored on the server and downloaded at startup.
Finalized the JSON footprint format.
Properly manage multi-value constraint (e.g. an OB can have more than 1 filter).
Tuned footprint display performances.
Display implicit constraints (the one with 0 or 1 possible values) in the constraint list to keep the category list smaller.
Recoded selection internals, allowing client/server protocol.
Allow to promote a selection layer to a normal layer (experimental).
Display more info in layer summary.
Cleaned detailed item view in the paged list view.
Fixed more than 10 bugs (
Many look & feel improvement.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
607131 #607131 Slider selections show inconsistent results 3 High Diego  6 Confirmed
526468 #526468 Displaying cumulative exposure time and area covered for a selection 3 High   10 Fix Released
527748 #527748 Category: Cumul. Exp. time (all filters) = 0 3 High   10 Fix Released
527750 #527750 Missing survey area definitions: VIDEO and VMC 3 High   10 Fix Released
607184 #607184 Saving layers not working 3 High Diego  10 Fix Released
613436 #613436 Content of OB information in the table on right bottom 3 High Diego  10 Fix Released
607116 #607116 UltraVISTA and Ultra-VISTA survey projects? 4 Medium Diego  10 Fix Released
607370 #607370 selection - fields dark gray and black not visible 4 Medium Diego  10 Fix Released
613432 #613432 Programme ID, Run ID, Period filters 4 Medium Diego  10 Fix Released
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