OpenStack Object Storage (swift) 2.5.0 "liberty"

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OpenStack Object Storage (swift)
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Thierry Carrez
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1 Alistair Coles, 2 Bill Huber, 1 Christian Schwede, 1 Daisuke Morita, 1 Donagh McCabe, 1 Kazuhiro MIYAHARA, 2 Kota Tsuyuzaki, 1 Minwoo Bae, 1 clayg, 2 paul luse
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This is Swift 2.5.0 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1460920 #1460920 Successful PUT object might be missing container update on EC 2 Critical Kota Tsuyuzaki  10 Fix Released
1483007 #1483007 cross project copy succeeded without service token 2 Critical Donagh McCabe  10 Fix Released
1489546 #1489546 logic error in ssync_rcvr when getting EC frags from a handoff 2 Critical paul luse  10 Fix Released
1496205 #1496205 EC: Client Disconnect leaves inaccessible data on disk 2 Critical clayg  10 Fix Released
1457691 #1457691 node timeout on overwrite can easily cause mis-matched etag fragment to 503 3 High paul luse  10 Fix Released
1491748 #1491748 Send commit (create .durable) when quorum 4xx statuses in the responses 3 High Kota Tsuyuzaki  10 Fix Released
1475499 #1475499 EC: proxy server returns wrong response on range GET 4 Medium Daisuke Morita  10 Fix Released
1487203 #1487203 ec docs don't talk about ring building 5 Low Bill Huber  10 Fix Released
1491871 #1491871 Object server logs don't reflect reconstructor as source of query 5 Low Bill Huber  10 Fix Released
1491883 #1491883 Reconstructor complains 404 is invalid response when building object 5 Low Minwoo Bae  10 Fix Released
1333334 #1333334 swift-object-auditor does not report stats because of log_time 1 Undecided Christian Schwede  10 Fix Released
1468120 #1468120 disparsion-reports fails by HTTP_Error 1 Undecided Kazuhiro MIYAHARA  10 Fix Released
1501528 #1501528 ssync applies meta file timestamps to sync'd data files 1 Undecided Alistair Coles  10 Fix Released
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