Registered 2009-04-22 by Mathieu Comandon

This is the Linux port of the tool made by Synology to redirect bittorrents to the NAS download client.
It allows you to drag torrent files and links to a drop box and monitor your downloads

This tool will be only useful if you have a Synology NAS with download capabilites.
You should be able to add additional destinations (other than Synology NAS) quite easily, maybe it's possible to control Transmission remotely.
As long as you can control you bittorrent client with POST request, then the major work as been done.

I encourage you to take a look at the code if you are learning python and GTK, this is my first real PyGTK application and i covers a lot of features while remaining simple to understand.

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  • Redirector first release on 2009-04-24
    I packaged Synology Redirector an uploaded it on my PPA. Test it and report ...